Lens Baby Kit


  • PL Mount, Ef Mount or E Mount
  • Lens Baby Edge 50
  • Lens Baby edge 80
  • Lens Baby Sweet 35
  • Lens Baby Sweet 50
  • Lens Baby Sweet 80
  • Hard Travel Case


At Acorn we can supply the Lens Baby Movie Maker kit for hire from our facility in Belfast.

The Movie Maker Kit provides you with a selective focus solution for wherever your Cinematography takes you. This kit includes the Composer Pro II with Sweet 35 Optic, Sweet 50 Optic, Sweet 80 Optic, Edge 50 Optic, Cleaning Cloth and Travel Case. The Composer Pro II is the base for Lensbaby’s unique Optic Swap System, which allows you to change out the Optic inside your lens, meaning you have Five different lenses in one and less equipment to carry.