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Fillex LED Kit

The 3-Light LED Kit from Fiilex is built around the variable color, variable beam angle LED light. The kit includes three LED Fresnel Lights for a combined total of approximately 1000 tungsten-equivalent watts, along with AC/DC power adapters and 4-way barn doors for each light. The kit also includes three 7′ light stands, 12×16″ softbox with speedring, and a carry-on friendly wheeled case with an auto-purge pressure system.

Arri 3 Fresnel Kit

Our Arri 3 Fresnel lighting kit consists of 3 Tungsten Arri fresnel lamps at either 650w or 300w.

These lighting kits are a perfect lighitng kit for a wide variety of shooting scenarios and everything required for fast and effecient set up is included.

Dedo Light Kit

The light heads of this Dedolight system is extremely compact yet with its dual-lens concept provides superb light output.

With a 100W lamp in the flood position, its light output is greater than a 300W Fresnel studio fixture. In the spot position, it equals or exceeds a 1000W Fresnel studio fixture.
The inexpensive lamps provide exceptional economy, coupled with exceptional life expectancy.

Sachtler Reporter Kit

The Sachtler Reporter 300 is a compact hand/stand mounted light with spot and flood, integral user serviceable fuse and quick release reflector assembly to facilitate fast changing of bulb.