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Arri SMB-1

The Arri SMB-1 is a 6×6 Filter 19mm Bar mounting production Matte Box System . The SMB-1 comes with: Spherical/Anamorphic Mattes, Clamps/Donuts, Top & Side Flags, Rotating Tray and 138mm Filter Clamp.

Arri SMB-2

The Arri SMB-2 is a 19mm Bar System production Matte Box System released as Arri as a follow up to the MB-18 range. The SMB-2 comes with: Spherical/Anamorphic Mattes, Clamps/Donuts, Top & Side Flags, Rotating Tray and 138mm Filter Clamp.

Arri MB18

The Arri MB-18 is a production Matte Box capable of being mounted on 15mm or 19mm Bar Systems. The MB-18 comes with: either 2 -Stage or 3-Stage Filter Tray Systems, Top & Side Flags, Mattes, rotating tray with Whip and 138mm Circular Filter clamp.

Tilta MB-T03

The Tilta MB-T03 is a 15/19mm Mountable Swing Away production matte box. The Tilta comes with: 15/19mm Clamp, Back Clamps, Top & Side Flags and Mattes

Arri LMB-25

The Arri LM-25 is a Clip/Clamp on Mattbeox which can be mounted onto the front of all lenses stocked within our lens fleet here at Acorn. We also stock clamps for most popular lenses. The LMB-25 is supplied with several mattes, top flag and 2/3 Filter Stages.

Tilta MB-T12

The Tilta MB-T12 is a light versatile Matte Box with 3 Filter stages. This Matte Box can be used as either a 15mm Bar mount Matte Box or as a Clip/Clamp on Matte Box. The Tilta comes with: 15mm Bar Mount, Back Clamps, Top Flag and Mattes Set.


The Arri MMB-1  is a light weight 15mm mounting Matte Box with 2 Filter Stages. The MMB-1 come with Top Flag and Back Clamp

Odyssey 7Q+

The Odyssey7Q+ is the most advanced, most capable, most versatile monitor/recorder in the world. The Odyssey7Q+ can record HD/2K/UHD/4K. It can record them via SDI and HDMI. It can record RAW (with Record Options), uncompressed DPX, and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ). The Odyssey7Q+ features an OLED 1280×800 monitor with true blacks, accurate colours, extended colour gamut and a 176 degree viewing angle.
Along with the best image in the industry, the Odyssey7Q+ also features an extensive array of image analysis tools, including an RGB waveform, RGB Histogram, False Colour, Pixel Zoom with finger drag, three-mode Focus Assist and monitoring LUTs.
The unique Multi-Stream Monitoring mode allows up to four HD video inputs to be viewed at once in a quad-split view or to be live-switched between in full screen

Atomos Shogun Inferno

The Atomos Shogun Inferno combines the world’s most advanced HDR monitor with high resolution, high frame rate recording. Connect cinema cameras from Arri, Sony, Canon, Panasonic or Red  to make mastering a high resolution, high frame rate, HDR workflow a reality.

The AtomHDR engine not only lets you set perfect exposure in the field, you can take a HDR output in either PQ or HLG standard to compatible HDR screens or accept HDR input from your NLE for mobile grading or for HDR connection from cameras with a PQ or HLG output.

Shogun Inferno combines high resolution recording, high frame rate recording and playback. Record Video from both HDMI and SDI cameras direct from the sensor to 4:2:2 10-bit ProRes or DNxHR up to an amazing 4K 60p or HD 240p. Record Raw over SDI up to 4K 30p either directly to CDNG or record to ProRes or DNxHR. Playback recorded ProRes or DNxHR files via the HDMI or SDI output at the same high frame rates to supporting monitors.

The Flame Series is packed with an extensive suite of scopes, all 1-touch away and simple to use. The Video OS includes tools for focus, framing & exposure (Focus peaking, 2:1/1:1 zoom, Zebra, False Colour, Safe Area, luma/RGB parade, vectorscope) along with a flexible 3D LUT implementation (use built-in LUTs or upload .cube files) and options for de-squeezing anamorphic content.

Pix E5 Recorder

Sound Devices PIX-E5 (PIXE5) Portable 5-inch 4K Recorder/Monitor With Touch Control, 3G-SDI/HDMI Input and Output, Supports Apple ProRes 4444 XQ. The PIX-E5 monitor features a compact, die-cast metal housings and an LCD display protected by Gorilla® Glass 2, making it the ideal choice for cinematographers and videographers looking for monitors that can stand up to the rigors of the most extreme and demanding production environments.

Pix 240i Digital Recorder

The PIX 240i records Quicktime files in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD video formats. Files recorded in these intra-frame codecs are ready-for-editing directly from the recorder.

With its large Record and Play back buttons and easy to process codecs the Pix 240i is perfect as either a capture device or as an onset play back device.

Atomos Blade Digital Recorder

The Atomos Samurai Blade 5″ SDI Monitor & Recorder features a 1280 x 720 resolution monitoring display and can record up to 1080/30p/60i resolution directly from your camera’s sensor to an HDD or SSD in Apple’s ProRes or Avid’s DNxHD edit-ready codecs.

Like thePix 240i the Atomos Samurai is perfect as either a capture device or as an onset play back device, the Samurai with its’ high quality display and monitoring feature is also perfect as an on board monitor.