Corona Virus Guidelines

The guidelines below outline the current safety protocols and operating methods we have implemented at Acorn in order to best comply with Government Regulations pertaining to the Film Industry to ensure the safety of all Staff and Clients. In line with the APA’s Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines and UK Broadcaster’s TV Production Guidance. This includes having a functioning and…

New range of Monitors

At Acorn we are constantly updating our equipment to ensure that we always have what our clients need. We recently invested in a new range of SmallHD OLED Monitors to allow us to over enhanced image quality in small format monitors. Our new range includes the SmallHD 703 Bolt which is a 7″ OLED Monitor…

The Secret

ITV and Hat Trick productions new crime drama “The Secret” airs tonight. Acorn provided all Behind the Scenes and EPK facilites for this great production. Our crews shot on Sony F5 Cameras and Canon Cine Zoom Lens.

Let It Ride

“Let It Ride” the new show from Buccaneer Media and Nickelodeon begins shooting today. The crew will be shooting on Arri Alexa cameras with Cooke S4i and Angeniuex Optimo Lenses. Acorn will be providing equipment and technical back up to the production.